Create Online Quizzes

You can create online quizzes which are graded automatically. Each quiz can have up to 100 questions and up to 100 respondents. Results can be viewed in a summary format, by individual respondents, or by specific question answers. Student results can be exported to an excel spreadsheet.

   Use with Google Classroom

Teachers that use Google Classroom can sign in to their eQuizly account using their Google classroom account. Classes can be imported from Google Classroom to eQuizly. Once a quiz has been created, the link to the quiz can be shared as an assignment to the Google class. Quiz results can also be exported to the assignment in the Google class associated with the quiz.

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   Quizzes can include the following types of questions

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice - Single Selection
  • Multiple Choice - Multiple Selection
  • Matching
  • Drop Down List
  • Short Answer
  • Sentence Correction

Go to Question Types for examples of the types of questions.

Integrated with EduConnect's SIS

Those schools who use EduConnect's School Management Programs can import their teachers' accounts directly into eQuizly. Quizzes can be set up from the teacher gradebooks and quiz results can be automatically exported to the teacher gradebooks.