Quiz Instructions

Creating a Quiz

To create a quiz, click on the Add New Quiz link in the User Menu. You will first enter a class to which this quiz will be assigned. If you want to associate this quiz with a class in Google Classroom, then click on the Import class from Google Classroom link. After you enter a class the first time it will appear in the class list box and can be used for future quizzes. 

You will then enter a Quiz name and optional Quiz Description and Directions. You will also enter a Begin and End Date for the quiz. Once the End Date has passed, the quiz can no longer be taken. You can change the Begin and End Dates by clicking on the dates for the quiz in the list of quizzes on the User Menu main page.

You will identify whether respondents can take a quiz a single time or multiple times. You will also check whether to show the results to the respondent once they complete the quiz. If you choose not to show the results immediately, you can later choose to show the results once everyone has completed the quiz by clicking on the View/Export Results link in the Change Quiz page.

After you submit the Quiz information you will be taken to the Change Quiz Page. From this page you can make changes to the quiz info, add or change pages or questions, and view results.

Creating Quiz Pages

Quizzes are formatted by pages. Once you create the quiz, you will click on the Create Page link. Each page can have a description for the questions on that page. After a page is created, you can add questions to the page. While you may want more than one question per page, it is recommended that you only include 4 or 5 questions on a single page. The exception to this is if you want matching questions. All of those questions should be on a single page by themselves. Answers are saved once each page is submitted. There is a maximum of 100 questions allowed per quiz.

Once a respondent has taken the quiz, quiz contents cannot be changed. To enable changes after a respondent has taken the quiz, you will have to delete all the responses from the View/Export Results link in the Change Quiz page.

Giving a Quiz

If you use Google Classroom, you can assign the Quiz to a class by clicking on the Google button on the Change Quiz page. Students can then take the quiz by clicking on that assignment in the class of their Google Classroom account. The Respondent ID and name will automatically be assigned if students access the Quiz from their Google Classroom account.

Those schools that use EduConnect's school management programs should have the students access eQuizly as explained in the Integration with EduConnect section below. The Respondent ID will automatically be assigned if students access the Quiz from the link in their EduConnect login.

For other students, you should give them the link on the Change Quiz page or they can go to eQuizly.com, click on the Quiz Login link and enter their Respondent ID and the Quiz ID. The Respondent ID should be unique to each student. The Respondent ID could be the ID assigned by your student information system or use the student's first letter of the first name and the last name (e.g. Tom Smith would be tsmith). There should be no spaces in the User ID. A student should use the same Respondent ID for different quizzes.

A maximum of 100 students can take an assigned Quiz. You can assign the same quiz to multiple classes and each of those quizzes would have a unique Quiz ID and a maximum of 100 respondents.

Quiz results will be saved each time a page is submitted. If a student doesn't complete the quiz, those answers will be available when they log in again with the same Respondent ID. If the Single response option has been checked, once a student completes a quiz they will not be able to return to previous pages and change answers or be able to take the quiz again when they log in a second time. Once the teacher enables the Show Results option, students will be able to view their results when they log in.

Viewing/Exporting Results

Once responses have been recorded for a quiz, you can view the results from the View/Export/Delete Results link in the Change Quiz page. You will initially see the final results for each student. You can view the responses of an individual student by clicking on the name. On the individual results page you can make changes to the points earned if you determine the student's answer was actually correct. You can also view a summary results of the number of correct and incorrect answers for each question. You can also export the final results to an Excel workbook.

Integration with EduConnect's Student Information System

eQuizly is designed to integrate with EduConnect's Student Information System. When creating a quiz, teachers should log in to EduConnect and use the Create Quiz link in their gradebook. This will automatically populate the Class information from the gradebook into the Class information for the quiz. Once the quiz is completed, log in to eQuizly from the link in EduConnect's teacher main menu. Then go to the View/Export Results page and use the Export to EduConnect link to export the results back into your gradebook.

If students accounts are set up in EduConnect, students should log in to EduConnect and click on the link Take Online Quiz in their main menu to take a quiz. This will automatically populate their student id in EduConnect as their Respondent ID for eQuizly. They will then need to enter the Quiz ID for the quiz they are to take. If student accounts have not been set up in EduConnect, the students will need to go directly to eQuizly.com, click on Quiz Login, and enter the Student ID assigned to them in EduConnect as the Respondent ID for any quiz they take.

Accessing different Quizzes

You can access the quizzes you create by clicking on the Quiz ID in the quiz list on the User Menu page.